Revolutionizing how life science innovations get sponsored
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HeartChain, the new way to bring medical innovation to life. Combining the technology of blockchain with the power of crowdfunding, HeartChain introduces a new way to participate in the life-saving innovations of tomorrow.

Why HeartChain?
HeartChain provides benefits to investors,
researchers and the general community



Play the video to hear the HeartChain founders describe how crowdfunding, blockchains and smart contracts will create the future of funding for medical technology companies. The HeartChain platform will offer everyone the opportunity to participate in financing and benefiting in life-changing innovations.

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Sponsors are the owners of HeartChain Tokens (HCT) and get to enjoy:



Priority access to a pipeline of exclusive, fully-vetted life sciences product development opportunities


Interest in multiple product development projects - concurrently or consecutively


Participation in the fastest growing sectors of medical innovation


Assist in development of innovative medical products you may then use, donate to someone in need, or offer back to innovators at retail price

For the leaders of the medical innovations of tomorrow, HeartChain provides a diversified access to funding, with low friction and low cost along with the guidance you need to succeed.



A non-dilutive, off balance sheet, non-security related alternative to traditional VC investment and government grants


A secure platform where your innovation can be seen by screened prospective investors


Bridging the gap between funding and commercialization with an efficient, transparent and discernible process that brings breakthroughs to life faster


The HeartChain network of experts will provide guidance and resources, so you can focus on what you do best – innovative discoveries


HeartChain is the first global, decentralized network for the sponsorship of medical, healthcare and biotech sector ventures and sponsors. Using crypto-currencies, tokens, blockchains and smart contract. Pre-ICO sale, coming soon. Sponsors will access and help develop best-in-class medical life science ventures before they hit the market. Health Science innovators have access to diversified and fair capital and retain control of their destiny, all with the support of a team of experts.

Download the comprehensive whitepaper to learn how HeartChain will support medical innovation and produce a win-win situation for med-tech companies, their sponsors and the general community.

Version 3.1, June 2018



HeartChain's approach takes triaged and thoroughly vetted medical, biotech and health sciences innovations to then open access to a large pool of global Institutional, accredited or retail sponsors interested in supporting that promising company.

Democratizing participation in health innovation inherently removes barriers and fuels success.

The medical and scientific research industries have very high rates of early-stage failure. This is due to a lack of access to capital, where VC structure is stacked against the science innovators' interest and where equity dilution discourages early stages sponsors. But this is all about to change.

HeartChain will utilize blockchains and smart contracts, to makes sponsoring the development of medical innovation products accessible, transparent and friction-free for both sponsors and innovators.


Sponsors buy HeartChain Tokens (HCT). This gives them membership to the HeartChain community. Membership gives sponsors the opportunity to support the development of particular product innovations, at the early-stage lower cost of manufacture, at a discounted rate. Each product innovation has its own funding program on the HeartChain platform. Sponsors can participate in any project of their choice.

Innovators are instantaneously connected at early-stage development, with a huge pool of sponsors from around the world, at extremely low cost. This eliminates equity dilution and enables innovators to focus on R&D rather than fundraising.

Join us, for good.


July 2018

Friends & Family fund raising round

November 2018

Beta Testing

December 2018

Completion of Institutional Financing Round 1

Q3 2019

Platform Live

Q4 2019

IPT #1 Token Offering Launch

Q1 2020

IPT #2 Token Offering Launch


HeartChain onging operations

the team

The Founders
Dr. Asher Holzer PhD, Chairman

Dr. Asher Holzer PhD


HeartChain, Vice Chairman

Eytan Lombroso

Vice Chairman

Jean-Marc Orlando, Vice Chairman

Jean-Marc Orlando

Vice Chairman

Dr. Jeremy Stone MD MBA, Chief Scientific and Clinical Officer

Dr. Jeremy Stone MD MBA

Chief Scientific and Clinical Officer

Simon Leger, Chief Operational Officer

Simon Leger

COO & Head of Token Management

Kelly H. Zou, PhD, PStat, ASA Fellow, Advisor HeartChain

Kelly H. Zou

Healthcare and Tokenization

Laurent de Bernede, HeartChain advisor

Laurent de Bernede

Crowdfunding, Blockchain and Finance

James Lasry,  Advisor, Legal Counsel,  HeartChain

James Lasry

Legal Counsel and Regulations

Malcolm Auld - Marketing

Malcolm Auld

Marketing, Content

Patrick Shirkey, Technology

Patrick Shirkey

Technology, Software


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